DUNES #3.1

Final instalment of the desert album covers series.

In this collection I was particularly struck by the human element, either overt or implied.

Although the poor photograph makes the title of the third album impossible to read, it is actually Missing Persons.

A prize for the best 100 word story linking all the covers.

Afterwards, what say we gather at the pool for a long cool drink?

Sick-Puppies-Connect dune

4 Gainsbough dune

4 dune Thoms and

4 Holdsworth Sand dune

4 Wishbone Ash Classic dune

The Albums

Sick Puppies — Connect [Capitol 2013]

Serge Gainsbourgh — Aux Armes Et Cætera [Phillips 1979]

Thomas & Bailey — Missing Persons [Phonogram 1979]

Allan Holdsworth — Sand [Relativity 1987]

Wishbone Ash — Classic Ash [MCA 1977]


Favourites here?



  1. Gainsbourg’s my definite favourite here. It’s his reggae album, recorded with Sly & Robbie and other Jamaican luminaries in Kingston. As usual he was being controversial as the title song is a reggae version of The Marseillaise which sent some French right wingers crazy leading to the usual death threats and such. I’ve still got my copy purchased in Paris in 1980 in a funky little record store on Boulevard St Michel.

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    1. What a great story, Paul. Thanks for sharing it. As this cover was ‘curated’ rather than extracted from the VC shelves, I hadn’t realised the title track was the anthem. As Macron spoke about the dangers of Nationalism yesterday, very timely!


  2. That Wishbone Ash cover is my favourite of those here. Obviously. It was the first Wishbone Ash ‘album’ I heard. A great selection of tunes on there.

    I remember seeing them (or some version of them) back in late 2002 and I was genuinely blown away. They were brilliant. But I knew none of their music and didn’t know where to begin with buying something… that collection was a great introduction. Even if it did take me a while to find my way to their recorded output.

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    1. That’s where compilations come into their own, isn’t it? As a springboard. “Argus” and “Live Dates” are my faves.

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      1. Argus was my next stop and I like that one, too. Haven’t so much as looked at Live Dates, but it’s on the list now!

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  3. As cover art goes the Sick Puppies album is head and shoulders (and umbrella) above the rest.

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    1. Good, isn’t it? The art of the album cover is alive and, er, floating in the 21st C.


  4. Hello – All these images of sand almost make me want to dust my apartment. Almost. Speaking only of the cover art, I like that Sick Puppy scene, the Mary Poppins stories always gave me the creeps as a kid, and I’m glad to see her exiled to the desert

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  5. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Serge, for his “way.” Can you imagine him trying to light a cigarette in those desert winds?

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    1. Maybe he could duck into Alan Holdsworth’s tent for a quiet ciggie!

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  6. 1) what’s the quote, I’m sorry but I didn’t have time to make it shorter? I’ll try and trim a combining story down to the required 100 words
    2) a pint of your finest poolside craft brew please!

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    1. 1) Good quote!
      2) Coming right up Sir!

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  7. That’s CB Poppins on the first cover. How’s the music in the Holdsworth album?

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    1. Very 80s synth-axe sound, but entertaining none-the-less. Holdsworth’s always worth a listen, I reckon.

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  8. I’ll go with Sick Puppies and Wishbone Ash. Re: the latter, a sparkling blue pool is always a welcome site, particularly in the middle of the desert. 🙂 Again, I’m ignorant of pretty much all of these artists (the entire Dune cover art series has been humbling in this regard). The only Gainsbourg I know is his Bonnie and Clyde duet with Brigitte Bardot!

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    1. Ha. Same guy. Kind of famous for his louche gallic charm. Every desert should have a swimming pool, eh?


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