Following the runaway success of COVID-19 — The Album, Viral Records presents a new collection to spin away your blues. Enjoy!





Get closer     —    Linda Ronstadt  (1982)

Hold me tight     —     Beatles  (1963)

Source of infection     —     Van Halen  (1988)

Fever     —     Peggy Lee  (1958)

Turn on the news     —     Hüsker Dü  (1984)

Corona     —    Minutemen  (1984)

Call the doctor     —     JJ Cale (1971)

Quarantine     —     Payfone  (2015)



Isolation     —     Joy Division  (1980)

All by myself     —     Eric Carmen  (1975)

Only the lonely     —     Roy Orbison  (1961)

Sick as a dog     —     Aerosmith (1976)

Doctor! Doctor!     —     Thompson Twins  (1984)

Take me down to the hospital     —     Replacements  (1983)

I want a new drug     —     Huey Lewis & The News  (1983)

Too late I’m dead     —     Korn  (2005)


Vinyl Connection says: Enjoy music in private. Wash hands before handling anything. Be kind. Stay at home.



  1. I’m guessing there’s potential for a third installment?

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    1. Do you really want more? 🤣

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      1. Actually, I’ve got another proposal: when we’ve all made our way through this, how about a release emphasizing, say, optimism (not misplaced, one would hope). Suggested opening track: “Here Comes The Sun”, penned by one of my personal musical heroes…


  2. One of those sequels, like The Empire Strikes Back / The Dark Knight / The Godfather II, that’s on par, if not superior, to the original!

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    1. Very kind Geoff. (But I agree! Tee Hee Hee)

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  3. I want to think all these titles come from your personal vinyl collection but I am having trouble buying the Korn, and I guess I would need visual proof of the Eric Carmen and the Peggy Lee.

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  4. No filler, all killer.

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  5. Ah… the Peggy Lee inclusion is genius, Bruce. Great song. – Marty

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    1. What a lovely way to burn!

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  6. Haha. Great call on Source of Infection by VH. I think Sam wrote those lyrics in under 5 minutes! LOL

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    1. S’pose I better listen to it now, eh deKE?!

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      1. hahaha. Yes you had better!

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  7. I especially like Pooh and Piglet going home to listen to the sequel.

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