A collection of song titles I’ve enjoyed. Perhaps something to take your head elsewhere…


Existential Revelation in the Circle Pit at Slayer 

The Night Terrors—Back To Zero [EXO Records, 2009]


Sandra’s having her brain out 

The Soft Boys—A Can Of Bees [Two Crabs Universal, 1979]


A Song Of Remembrance For A Time When Wife Swapping Was Considered Politically Correct
Mushroom—Analog Hi-Fi Surprise [Clearspot, 1999]


Tarzan’s Adventures In The Summer Sale 

“Tarzan’s Abenteuer Im Sommerschlussverkauf”

Achim Reichel—AR3  [Zebra, 1972]


Saddest Quo 

Pernice Brothers—Discover A Lovelier You  [One Little Indian, 2005]


Runway, Houses, City, Clouds

Tame Impala—Innerspeaker  [Modular, 2010]


Burning Airlines Give You So Much More 

Brian Eno—Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)  [Island, 1974]


The International Language of Screaming

Super Furry Animals—Radiator  [Creation, 1997]


A Simple Way To Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work

Tortoise—TNT  [Thrill Jockey, 1998]


Mummy was an asteroid, daddy was a small non-stick kitchen utensil

Quiet Sun—Mainstream  [Island, 1975]


Favourites amongst these?

Nominations for a Volume 2?



  1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Heard that Eno song today, in fact.

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  2. Midnight Toker · · Reply

    Here’s a few for you, viejo amigo:
    A Short Reprise for Mary Todd, Who Went Insane, but for Very Good Reasons, Sufjan Stevens, Illinoise, 2005
    Sigmund Freud’s Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America, Randy Newman, Little Criminals, 1977
    ‘(If You’re Wondering if I want you to) I want you to’, Weezer, Raditude, 2009
    A: Enlightenment B: Endarkenment (Hint: There Is No C), Ray Wylie Hubbard, A: Enlightenment B: Endarkenment (Hint: There Is No C), 2010
    Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis, Tom Waits, Blue Valentine, 1978

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    1. Some outstanding additions there, Mr T. The Sufjan and Randy are particularly excellent.
      (Good to hear from you too – been thinking a lot about you this week)


  3. I feel like country has a lot of these – here’s a list I googled; http://www.tonmeister.ca/personal/geoff/stuff/funny/country.html

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    1. Yes, I saw a couple of ‘country’ lists when I was poking around. Kind of reinforced what an odd genre country is.

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  4. My favourite among these is”A Song Of Remembrance For A Time When Wife Swapping Was Considered Politically Correct”

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  5. Superb Bruce. You weren’t tempted by the Floyd one from Ummagumma (that I can’t be bothered to type out in full!)?

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    1. Thanks Joe. I guess I thought that ‘Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a Pict’ was quite well known. But perhaps that’s only Pink Floyd nerds?

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  6. While the idea of Daddy being a small non-stick kitchen utensil makes me smile, I think my favorite is the shortest (and the most clever, wordplay-wise): Saddest quo. And the album title is, well, lovely. 🙂

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    1. It’s so deliciously under-stated, isn’t it? A bit like the Pernice Brothers themselves. Worth checking out, if you haven’t encountered them, JDB.

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  7. I like your #10 – it tells a story in itself. How about ‘If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It all Over You’? (Caravan) and ‘Nasal Retentive Caliope Music’ – or pretty much anything else by The Mothers of Invention.


  8. jprobichaud · · Reply

    Awesome idea for a post. I only know a handful of these but they are all great titles.


  9. jprobichaud · · Reply

    Oh and… The Weakerthans have a bunch of great titles: I particularly like “Confessions of a futon-revolutionist”.


  10. “Unsuccessfully Coping with the Natural Beauty of Infidelity”
    Type O Negative — Slow, Deep and Hard [Roadrunner. 1991]

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      1. Placed at beginning and end respectively of portion to be affected:

        For bold:
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        1. Oops, messing up VC’s comment section now……..

          Placed at beginning and end respectively of portion to be affected (without spaces in side the ”):

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          1. A community service, Vic. Go for it.


        2. I give up google “bolding and italicizing in comments in WordPress” (smile).

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          1. Like this?

            this is italic and this is bold.


    2. Totally deserving of inclusion.


  11. Those are great! The mummy and daddy one is my favorite. The only one I actually knew was “Burning Airlines” by Eno. “A Can of Bees” get an honorable mention as a great album title too. – Marty

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  12. For sheer weirdness I like “The Etcetera Stroll” and “The Weird, Wild Wonderful World Of Tony Potts” by Monochrome Set.

    Then there’s the puzzling “Rizraklaru” by Ralph McTell and “Verdi Cries” by June Tabor.

    Or, perhaps, my favourite “Why Should I Lend Your Mine (When You’ve Broken Yours Off Already) …” and “… Maybe I’ll Lend Your Mine After All” by Brand X.

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  13. I quite like Saddest Quo!
    The 90s were good for chatty titles like ‘elderly woman behind the counter in a small town’ or ‘Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand’

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  14. A very amusing idea. If pushed, I’ll vote for no. 8.

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  15. You got me thinking and something jumped into my my mind but it was a band name ‘Hornets Attack Victor Mature’. So I ban myself from your post.

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    1. You know, CB, there probably could be a sequel of sorts featuring album titles and/or band names. For example, Firesign Theatre’s 1970 classic “Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers”

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      1. I like those ones!


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