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A cold winter’s day in England; frost layering the ground even mid-morning. But I didn’t care, I was visiting Stonehenge for the first time and totally in thrall to the mystery of these most famous standing stones. I envied those who had visited them in the past, being able to walk between the towering neolithic […]


Last night’s evening fixture was a marathon, finishing long after the press contingent retired to Le Pub. Patrons, however, were glued to their seats for the intriguing and often elegant encounter between electric violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and guitarist/composer Alain Markusfeld.  Both opened with their 1978 albums: Platock for Markusfeld and Cosmic Messenger for Ponty.  The […]


A gala dinner was held last night as several famous past champions were inducted into the Roland Garros Hall of Fame. Recalling his first win soon after the war, when everything was played at 78 rpm, Charles Aznavour waxed lyrical. She may be the face I can’t forget, A trace of pleasure or regret, May […]


In an unprecedented move, tournament officials called a Press Conference this morning, hoping to calm the uproar over the absence of electro-pop duo Air from the draw. ‘It’s not our fault. They missed the deadline.’ It would have been one of the shortest conferences in history. But as the level of dissatisfied muttering in the […]


Excitement is a word often associated with Paris, as is love. Both are present in abundance as the French Grand Slam approaches like a fully laden 747. Most of the main contenders have settled into their accommodation and have familiarised themselves with the facilities which are, as usual, outstanding.  Around the practice courts casual observers […]


First up, apologies to those of you who have been awaiting this review for longer than you should have awaited it. The fault was mine entirely in that I was confused because I thought I had three different albums to listen to again but it seems that I sort of didn’t. More one-and-a-bit. Let me tell you […]


Since publishing our recent feature, co-authored with special guest contributor Gromit, there has been a flurry of activity at the Vinyl Connection letters desk. Here is a selection. * G’day mate. Got this really unusual album, released in 2009. Sort of punky energy with some really wild squalls of noise above deep underlying grooves. There’s a […]