Vinyl Connection has been to a Farmer’s Market and brought home a basket of fresh produce. 

Part One

Part Two


Jeff Beck — Beck-Ola

Grapefruit — Around Grapefruit

Lana Del Ray — Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass

Chuck Berry — One Dozen Berrys

B B King — Indianola Mississippi Seeds 


Cream — Best of Cream

The Meters — Cabbage Alley

Badfinger — Ass

Booker T. And The M.G.s — Green Onions

Devo — Oh No! It's Devo

Any fruit and veg to add? (Other than Juicy Lucy!)


  1. That banana doesn’t look very fresh…. Same with the tomato on Yes’ Tormato.

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    1. It’s a 1967 banana, Graham. 😂


  2. Evan Jenkins · · Reply

    Stone Roses first album, Lemon.

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    1. Lemon? I’ve long considered it a classic. 🤣


  3. A Taste of Strawbs (box set)
    Uphill All the Way (Unicorn)
    Eat a Peach
    Exotic Birds and Fruit (Procol Harum)
    Waiting for Columbus
    Ege Bamyasi
    Less is More (Even)
    Forbidden Fruit (Nina Simone)
    The Russian Wilds (Howlin Rain)

    Cheers, Dave

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    1. Awesome, Dave. Further response pending! 🙂


      1. Only listing what I have in my own collection Bruce. Ran out of time last night, thankfully for everyone else on this blog, or I could have kept going at tedious length. I seem to have way too many albums.
        Excellent topic.

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        1. Glad you liked it, Dave. I used (mostly) my collection too.
          As a forty-five year fan of krautrock, I’m devastated that I didn’t include the okra! I think this means there must be a Part II.


  4. Neat idea for a post, Bruce!

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  5. Album covers!!! I see Eat a Peach in the comments above so I’ll go with more fruits:

    Shellac: Excellent Italian Greyhound
    Deep Purple: Bananas
    Wild Cherry: (self-titled)

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  6. LOVE this, Bruce! Another fruit: Forbidden Fruit, by Nina Simone. Another veg: Ancient Medicine by Baby Grand.

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  7. Evan Jenkins · · Reply

    Velvet Underground Banana album. All these Fruit covers are driving me NUTS.

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    1. Ah, that is excellent. Forgot nuts are fruit.

      (PS. Depending on what device you use, there is always a feature image for a post. In this case, it was Andy Warhol’s…?)


  8. I’m waiting for part 2. I need a bit more veg and fruit in my diet. I’ve been scraping it off my plate and under the table lately.

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    1. “If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you
      have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?”

      (Tune in tomorrow!)

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      1. If I don’t die from scurvy I will be there.

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  9. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Can: Ege Bamyasi. (Okra)

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      1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

        Ha! Righto!

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  10. A lovely idea for a post, Bruce.
    Tangerine, by Dexter Gordon.
    It’s the only fruity cover I could find in my collection. And it’s a perfect pearing to Beck-Ola. (Ow! That pun hurts).

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    1. That is super, DD!

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      1. Yes it is a beautiful photograph/ cover.

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  11. Looking forward for part 2.

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