Vinyl Connection readers stepped up once again. Your suggestions made Part II inevitable.

It’s Harvest Festival Time!






Shellac — Excellent Italian Grayhound [2007]

Deep Purple — Bananas [2003]

Strawbs — Best of Strawbs [1978]

Nina Simone — Forbidden Fruit [1961]



Baby Grand - Ancient Medicine [1978] 

Can — Ege Bamyasi [1972]

Al Stewart — 24 Carrots [1980]

Hot Butter — Popcorn [1972]



Dave Ashworth (Great list, from which I cherry-picked)

Victim of the Fury (Didn't pick the cherry, but consolation prize below)

JDB (Augenblick) (Who, like Baby Grand and your correspondent is a fan of Giuseppe Arcimboldo)

And not forgetting Aphoristical and Evan J.


What say we give the last word to Mr Warhol?

I think we might be done with fresh produce for now.

Though I have been pondering album covers with meals…



  1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Aw man I thought I thought of this before you did and just commented about the Can on your other one! Coolest album cover ever I think. Wonderful album too. The beginning of “Spoon.”

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    1. One of my favourite Can albums too, Bill.
      And okra one of the most unpleasant vegetables. 🤢

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      1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

        Ha! Okra is wack. Get this: I just had some for lunch like two hours ago! In my gumbo. It is freakish but I can’t cook a gumbo without adding it. I think when it’s frozen first it doesn’t make the soup go all slimy as it sometimes can. But those seeds and so on, it’s freakish. Perfect choice for the Can album. I can’t love them enough. Or express that love I should say.

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        1. That’s fabulous. Gumbo is a New Orleans stew type dish, yes?
          I think my one okra encounter was of the slimy kind. Hence the green face.

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          1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

            Yeah, gumbo is just divine in my book. It has a roux base and I make a seafood stock with it, sausage, shrimp and whitefish + a variety of vegetables and rice. Topped with another thickening agent at the end.

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            1. Mouth officially watering. I’ll grab a bottle or two of NZ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and be over in a jiffy.

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            2. pinklightsabre · ·

              Bring NA beer instead! I’ve gone dry! Woo hoo, happy me!

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            3. pinklightsabre · ·

              Bundaberg ginger beer! Here’s to you, mate!

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  2. Ah, the much maligned okra! I’ve never encountered the ‘slimy’ problem, but it’s a complaint one often hears. Strange to think of popcorn as a vegetable, but I guess it still is, isn’t it? You know that great line from Jerry Maguire, “You had me at hello”? Well this post had me at the Italian Grayhound (aka Iggy). Such winsome dogs. Hey, how about a series of animal covers? Dogs? cats? Rodents?

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    1. I have a folder called ‘Fragments’, JDB, where there are documents with ideas or, indeed, small pieces of text awaiting Spring growth. There is one called ‘A Trip to the Zoo’, aka album covers with animals that has been sitting around for ages.
      I think , however, that the next similar post might well be entitled ‘Multiples’.

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      1. Ooh, I love trips to the zoo! ‘Multiples’….?

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        1. Or maybe “Clones” would be more accurate.


  3. Are we still playing that guessing game because I think I know this one: the theme is fruit
    and vege-tables.

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    1. Truly amazing tref. Dunno how you do it.

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  4. Interesting visual side of the music – now we waiting for the Juicy Lucy cover – naked and only covered with fruit.

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    1. Sehr lustig. Scroll down to the end of the previous Frisch Obst und Gemuse post.

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      1. Thanks! That’s a nice lay down.

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  5. It’s a shame it wasn’t the album cover theme, I always liked Steve Goodman’s “The Vegetable Song.”
    And since he’s carefully cultivated, and reaped years of profits from, this image, I don’t think it would be too mean to include Ozzy Osbourne under the vegetable category.
    I have 0 albums by him, but Chuck Berry played off his name of course.

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    1. Breaded and deep-fried okra – delicious. Gotta pick it young, it’s the bigger, older pods that are slimy. And appear in Invasion of the Body-Snatchers.

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      1. Another vote FOR okra. Amazing.

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        1. All those Cajun and Creole cooks must know something, right? There was even a very popular talk show host named after it.

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    2. Poor Ozzy! Is that because he pickled his brain? 😂
      As for Mr Berry, I don’t have any vinyl either, but I do have a big CD set. He’s the foundation of so much rock music.

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  6. tref beat me to the punch.

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  7. Oh yeah, I got a lyric in my head “I got okra, enough to choke ya’ Chris Smither ‘No Love Today’ fits your theme to a tee. Lots of those fruits and veggies tref figured out.

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    1. Great lyric. Wouldn’t need much okra to choke VC.

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      1. Why you throw it in a gumbo.

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        1. So I’ve heard. Mate Bill (pinklightsabre) explained the recipe. I’d favour making the gumbo and throwing the okra out the window.

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          1. No come back on that Bruce just a good chuckle.

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