Scanning the Vinyl Connection stats, I noticed the quizzes were polling better than almost anything else. How odd, I thought, perhaps it’s an lockdown thing. Like jigsaws making a comeback.

Regardless, the response was clear: Time for another quiz.

Album Cover Quiz #11

Like a musical jigsaw, to keep people occupied a little longer, we’ve upped the number of pieces. The structure is the same, though: CD covers laid out on an LP.

There are two dozen covers on a vertical gatefold vinyl album, making 25 Artists and 25 Albums to discover for a score out of 50. 

There are basically two ways to play.

Approach A: From memory. No research, collaboration or other information gathering. No hurry, either: you have five days.

Approach B: No holds barred. Fair means or foul. Whatever it takes (including bribing the quizmaster).

NOTE: Please DO NOT post the answers below. Just your score out of 50 and whether you used approach A or B. (Sharing results is, of course, entirely optional)

Covers span five decades, from the 60s (6 albums) through the 70s (7), 80s (5) and 90s (4) to the 00s (3).

Enjoy. And please remember…


24 CD covers laid out on an gatefold LP cover.

Do share your responses, but please don’t include answers; it spoils it for others.


Answers available HERE. Feel free to share your thoughts on that post.



  1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    That’s a work of art, the collage alone. And that Tiffany lamp…

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  2. Love the return of the quiz, Bruce – so far I’m sitting at a promising 10/50, we’ll see if more answers jump to mind over the next few days!

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  3. I got 28 – I did a little B to confirm a couple of album names, but did most of it off the top of my head. It helped with I just listened to some of the bottom right one while doing the dinner dishes.

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    1. I was wondering how many albums were present. 28? (I guess I’ll know in five days.)

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      1. He said 1 point for album and 1 point for artist.

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    2. Just looked on a bigger screen and figured out another one, so up to 30/50.

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      1. Phones are a disadvantage on these, aren’t they? 🙂

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    3. (Oops! Once again I fail to read the instructons)

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  4. Nice collage! It’s always a interesting question, how the cover fits to the music and what stories do they tell.

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  5. Dismal showing from me: just 9/50 on first pass (Approach A), but I don’t know if Approach B would get me much higher!

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  6. Worse than dismal. ¡Muy mal! Too pathetic to report, but nice job on the collage, and I’ll look forward to the reveal.

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  7. Seven for me.

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  8. A beautiful composition. Arrangement? I always love these, Bruce.

    Sadly, I could only name five designs (artist and title) by name.

    I recognized six other covers the artist associated with it, but not the album’s title.

    I know I have seen two others and and am drawing blanks (and thoroughly embarrassed not to recognize another)

    I have spent the last 90 minutes on a wonderful time-suck of Google images for album gatefold photos and relishing in the beauty and design of album art. (and learning things — e.g., the Beatles’ Mad Day Out photo shoots)

    As always, thank you!

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    1. That’s great. Thus reinforcing the aphorism that it’s the journey not the destination!

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  9. 365musicmusings · · Reply

    25 with the caveat/handicap of on phone, on break at work lol

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    1. A bigger screen certainly helps!

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  10. […] Album Cover Quiz #11 — “Turn Off The News” Edition […]

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