And pens… down.

Here are the answers to

Album Cover Quiz #11 — “Turn Off The News” Edition

Comments, questions, complaints… all welcome


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  2. I have Soft Machine and SF Sorrow, and missed those. 1990s seems like the trickiest decade – I only got Awake from those 4.

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    1. Probably better to restrict the range to 60s 70s and 80s.
      As a quiz veteran, Graham, what do you think about the super-sized version? Too much?

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      1. I think super size is good, and it’s good to mix up the decades. I thought the 1990s selections were a little more niche, but I knew all of the 2000s ones.

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  3. Even more impressed by your collage-assembling ability, Bruce, and even more embarrassed by my poor showing. Knew the Dylan, Zep, Blondie, Genesis and Zevon and that was it. And not even the title of the Zevon. I do love those alphanumeric magnets signifying the respective decades!

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    1. Thanks JDB. We kind of specialise in retro ‘round here. Can’t think why. 😆

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  4. Nice to see what the albums were; Paul Kelly looked a bit like Trent Reznor, so that threw me off! The Thorns cover reminded me of a late-60’s folk-rock act. Good quiz and it helped realise how much I do not know!

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    1. The Thorns are rather like a a late 60s folk-rock act! Glad you enjoyed the trip. 🙂

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  5. Having now seen the answers before the quiz, I promise I shan’t cheat in a few minutes time.

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    1. Your word is your bond.

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  6. I like this post even though I know only a couple. If you would have show the whole albums it would have been the same. I live on an Island.

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  7. I may not be a big fan of my score (as a positive spin, I ended up in double digits!) but I’m still a big fan of these quizzes!

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    1. Thanks Geoff. Don’t know if you recall the “It’s In The Bag’ quiz of a few years back, but If I can get it together, I’d quite to do another of those for the end-of-year.

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