1. Hmmmm….and your new header’s all black. What *is* going on at Vinyl Connection?!

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  2. Whatever’s going on, I’m a fan! The Bevis Frond! Never knowingly understated!

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  3. Bevis Frond bender!

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  4. 365musicmusings · · Reply

    Honestly, never heard ‘em before. That artwork makes me want to though!

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  5. I’m not sure if I have a satisfactory answer to the title question – but that ‘Hit Squad’ album art is especially intriguing!

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  6. Someone’s apparently finding their inner Bevis!

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  7. I’m at five now; 3 CDs, 2 LPs

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    1. Excellent. Any of the above?

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      1. Yep; Inner Numbers and White Marshland

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  8. “Bevis Fond Bender” I like that. Music benders are great.

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  9. […] was a pictorial post that hinted at the topic. It was called, with coy indirectness, “What’s Going On At Vinyl Connection?“. Inaccurate, too, as very little was going […]


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