Almost half-way through the year. Almost half the time allocated for this 50th anniversary survey.

So how are we going with this delve into Vinyl Connection’s 1971 holding?

It would appear, on the basis of the pictorial evidence above, a good start. Yet this gallery, I am crestfallen to report, displays but a quarter of the stock available for (re)appraisal. The letters of support are encouraging, however. Just yesterday I got a postcard (in a poorly formed hand) exhorting me to continue. It was from my mate Sisyphus, presumably writing one-handed while the other restrained the rock, thus avoiding the roll.


[If you wish to locate any previous posts in the series, the easiest way is to type 1971 into the “Looking for something?” search box on the right (or somewhere else if you are using a phone) and it will list most of the posts]



  1. What a gorgeous display.

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    1. Thanks DD. Honesty compels the admission that the ‘mosaic’ gallery option did the heavy lifting. 😉


  2. That’s a lot of records – I feel like I know about half. I’m interested in checking out the McDonald and Giles and the Alice Coltrane. Have you heard Pharaoh Sanders’ new album – it’s been getting a lot of attention.

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    1. The two you mention are certainly worth listening into, Graham. A new Pharaoh? That’s amazing news just on its own, eh? He’s 80 in a few months. Will seek it out.

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      1. It’s with the London Symphony Orchestra and Floating Points.

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  3. Beautiful post. Eye candy galore!

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  4. Please not Comus, that’s a terrifying LP! Actually, go on. ‘1971 – Hades’

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    1. That’s a fine idea for a post, Joe. ‘Masters of Reality’ is 1971; not sure what else. Put on some hellish ‘think’ music, would you?

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      1. Every one I think of, Black Widow, White Noise, is out by a year or so. Blooming devil, he’s not an easy chap to serve.

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  5. Consider this another exhortation to continue! (And I love that mosaic gallery option as well…) The Comus cover hasn’t gotten any less disturbing since the first time you posted it!

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    1. And I haven’t even written about the music of Comus yet!
      Thanks for the encouragement JDB. 🙂


  6. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    My mate Sisyphus, eh? Yeah. That is quite the spread there Bruce. I had that Crosby one out last weekend. Always puts me just right (we were about to have ourselves a party…). I bet, right?

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  7. Man, that’s a lot of great music. Loved seeing “Pearl” again, but seeing that “Chicago III” again brought back some great headphone memories. – Marty

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    1. Joplin’s art and legacy are reappraised regularly, but there’s no arguing that ‘Pearl’ was her most polished LP.
      Glad to stir up some memories, Marty!


  8. […] 1971—WHERE ARE WE UP TO? […]


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