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We’ve all bought magazines with ‘free’ CDs. Sometimes for the mag, other times for the disc, occasionally for the challenge of removing the latter from the former without destroying the cover… but what about a magazine with an LP attached? Or is it an LP hidden in a magazine? First published in Germany in October […]


Peter Jackson’s famous films were not the first cinematic journeys into Middle Earth. American animator Ralph Bakshi visited back in 1978 with rather mixed results. Clearly holding the J.R.R. Tolkien books in high esteem, Bakshi adopted such a respectful approach to the epic fantasy that the result is, despite the adventurous content, quite slow-moving and […]


I always swear I will never buy another compilation album. I will ignore Various Artists, shun themed collections, eschew curated histories. I have enough. More than enough. So how come this section of the Vinyl Connection Collection still manages to grow? Today’s Curiosity Corner will give you an idea. There I was, getting to the […]