Continuing the ‘Decade’ theme, this is the millennial edition of the album cover quiz — with a twist.

The general consensus was that the all-eighties quiz was too difficult, so this is a variant.

Ten of the albums are from the period 2000–2009, the other five are not.*

The setup and rules are the same:

  • 14 CD slicks sitting on a vinyl LP.
  • Identify the artist and album and leave your score out of 15 in Comments.

NOT THE ANSWERS, just your score.

Good luck!

00s Quiz

* The five non-00s covers span the decades: One each from the 60s, 80s, and 90s and two from the 70s.

Let me know what you think of this version. (We still have the 60s, 70s, and 90s to go!)

An ‘Answers’ photo will appear in the Comments section in a few days.

But for now, no answers please, just your score.


  1. Hmm. I sucked out loud at the last one but I believe I can name (as I own a good 10) all of these including the LP they’re sat on so I’m gonna say 15 😀

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    1. Well done Tony. That’s setting the bar at maximum height from the get go!

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  2. I’m gonna say I know 11 of them and I think I may also know the LP!!

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    1. Splendid effort J!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I would say 11.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. At least I am not in bad company

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    2. I would say that’s excellent!

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  4. 13 instant recognitions and one I know I know but I don’t know why I know it

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    1. An instant score of great respectableness, Steve!


  5. Umm… dunno. I think I got about 8 and 4 that I know the artist but don’t know the album title.

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    1. Not a very metallic quiz, HMO. Sorry. I’ll try harder for subsequent decades.

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  6. I think I’m somewhere between 7 & 8, depending on 1/2 marks for knowing artist but not album and vice versa!
    But I’m certain I enjoy these quizzes tremendously!

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    1. I think we can include fractions, Geoff. Well a 1/2 anyway. Especially as it has you sitting exactly on the half-way score.

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  7. Err, some. Maybe most?

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    1. Is that nominal or ordinal level data?


  8. It’s like 100 degrees and the AC crashed and I am miserable trying to cool down my brain and I managed 10.

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    1. Ten from a fevered brain is cooking, Neil!

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  9. I got 13. The two I don’t know are both monochrome – one I’ve never seen before and the other looks familiar.

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