Having enjoyed a couple of recent posts where fellow music nuts share the, er, nuts they have gathered, I thought I’d join the party.

Don’t know how it is in your neighbourhood, but in these parts the price of second-hand records has become so absurd that it is often better value buying new re-issues. Seems crazy, but there you are. In contrast, charity shops (Op Shops, Thrift Stores, depending on your jurisdiction) are often receiving boxes of CDs as people surrender the physical object in favour of 1s and 0s in the cloud. Fools. But good for those willing to dig amongst the dross.

So here are some of the arrivals in Vinyl Connection land. I confess to having chosen some pretties for you.


Tangerine Dream — Machu Picchu [Eastgate CD 2012, RSD vinyl 2019]

Although not ‘core curriculum’ for Tangerine Dream fans, this pleasant album was bought as a kind of homage. Edgar Froese composed the music as a tribute to John Peel after the legendary broadcaster’s sudden death at the title location in 2004. It was first released on CD in 2012 and made its vinyl debut four years after Froese’s own passing.

Thom Yorke — Suspiria [XL Recordings 2018]

Mr Radiohead dabbles in soundtrack work, with pleasing (if patchy) results. Given the exalted status of the original film soundtrack by Italian band Goblin, both the filmmakers and the composer were on a bit of a hiding to nothing. So far, I’ve enjoyed the object more than the music, but I’m hoping it will grow on me.

The Gods — Genesis [Parlophone 1968, Parlophone 2015]

The Gods were a short-lived late 60s psychedelic band who are remembered more for being a precursor to Uriah Heep than for their own music. However, having had a cheap CD re-issue for a while, I can report that it’s an accomplished and enjoyable piece of sixties psych with some keyboard flourishes from Ken Hensley to add interest for prog fans. And check out that vinyl!

OST — The Wicker Man [Film released in 1973, Music on Vinyl 2010]

Although there has been a previous CD of the music from The Wicker Man, this MoV version will, I think, become the definitive release. With excellent notes and details about the making of both the film and its music, it will thrill fans of the cult film (such as your correspondent). It is mostly newly composed folk music. Oh, and if you want to know what Rod Stewart, Peter Sellers, Lou Adler and others saw in Britt Ekland, the film will provide ample evidence.

Soft Machine — Six [CBS 1973, Music on Vinyl 2016]

You know how sometimes when you’re in the buying groove, so to speak, extra records seem to attach themselves to you in a way that is really quite mysterious? It is a kind of gravitational magnetism only barely recognised by physicists, but vinyl hounds know it well. Now I love Soft Machine. Over the years the first two albums have revealed so much invention and fizz while Third is simply a monster. This is probably not the place to start for the curious, but gee, that transparent vinyl…

Juicy Lucy — Juicy Lucy [Vertigo 1969, Music on Vinyl / BMG re-issue 2017]

When I was a post-grad student I had a Chagall print on my wall. That was because I really liked his paintings but couldn’t afford an original, not being a millionaire and so on.

Now I have a re-issue of the first Juicy Lucy album because I cannot afford a Vertigo original, not being a millionaire and so on.

I like Chagall more than Juicy Lucy, so when I become a multi-millionaire, I’ll probably start with Marc. Though the idea of collecting Vertigo swirl LPs is very enticing.

With Ms Lucy (I’ve spared you her, um, southern hemisphere), we begin a downward spiral in taste and decorum that would deeply disappoint M. Chagall.

Ian Dury — New Boots and Panties!! [Stiff 1977, Drastic Plastic 2012 Numbered]

First time I’ve owned this on vinyl, and what vinyl! Mottled orange to match the handwriting, numbered edition; who could resist? Such a brilliant record. Though there’s one thing I’ve never understood: why ‘panties’ with two explanation marks? And are they ‘new’ as well? Is the title a fashion statement or a boast? Who knows; it’s a terrific photo.

Alice Cooper — Pretties For You [Straight Records 1969, Warner Bros 2017]

Another one where you’d need to re-mortgage to afford an original (which was on Frank Zappa’s Straight label). Haven’t listened to this yet, but really looking forward to it. Pretties For You pre-dates Vincent Furnier’s theatrical hard rock and is basically a bit of tail-end US psychedelia. The cover painting is by Edward Beardsley, an American artist and Fine Arts professor whose main claim to fame was this work. It once adorned the Zappa’s lounge-room wall, according to Frank’s widow Gail.

If you find the front cover a bit alarming, check out the portrait on the back. Could the name ‘Straight Records’ have been ironic, at all?

Finally, a little CD story.

When I worked in the record shop, I was entranced by the debut album by singer-songwriter cum folkie Steve Forbert. It was called Alive on Arrival and I really loved it. But prog, jazz, electronica and other wanky music pushed out singer-songwriters and Steve and I drifted apart. Yet when I came across a cache of his discs in a local charity shop, I grabbed a couple for old times sake. And enjoyed them enough that I returned to snag the rest. It’s fascinating to hear music from the same vocal chords forty (tough) years later. There’s a post in here somewhere.


Come on, vinyl-heads. Share your thoughts, responses and stories of vinyl love.

[Note: The answers to the 70s Album Cover Quiz are now up in the Comments of the post]



  1. I’ve never done the vinyl thing, apart from as a cheap way to get music in the 1990s when they were super cheap, but they look so cool.

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    1. Don’t stare too long or their siren call will enter your soul with unpredictable results that may involve spending lots of money…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. All of us under its spell we know that it’s probably magic. One day we’ll find it, the Vinyl Connection.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Like the grail, eh? 🙂


  2. I assume this is all from a single Saturday morning?

    Didn’t I mention Ms Lucy to you in a comment the other day? I’d always assumed it was a novelty record, until my mate played it to me a week ago. I think it’s amazing.

    I hear what you say about Chagall, but his slide playing had nothing on Glenn Ross Campbell.

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    1. I know I read a mention by your good self of Vertigo Juicy Lucy – thought it was the shoes post, but apparently not. Somewhere in the blogosphere i guess.
      Chagall was a demon gypsy violin player. True story.


  3. Clearly it’s time l dosed up with antihistamine so I can survive 15 rounds of Op shopping.
    Lots to like here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Worth checking out DD. Have picked up a couple of jazz things; nothing startling, but not bad for a buck!


  4. The Vinyl dilemma strikes, I have one vertigo swirl and love to watch it play, it is an Iain Matthews album and is beautiful in all ways. The thrift store has been harder to find things in recently and become a place of sadness as much as anything else, although the day before I left for the UK I found a copy of American Dream by CSNY and Masters of the Universe by Hawkwind that I did not get to play them. Recently I have walked past a number fo charity shops in the UK and not entered as my wife was with me and she gets bored easily as I look and check and look again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hawkwind finds are always good!
      Yes, I do understand. I try to point Ms Connection in the direction of an interesting clothes shop whenever we arrive in a new town.

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  5. That is a nice haul. I love the color coordination with the cover and the vinyl. That is sweet!

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    1. Coloured vinyl is very seductive, isn’t it!

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  6. You have to know CB grew up on a diet of ‘Wicker Man’ films. Christopher Lee and Ingrid Pitt were staple in my life. Time for a re-visit.
    Very cool on the haul. Lots there for CB. Great score on the Forbert. I’m racing you to a take. I love the guy. “The other wanky music” was still on my turntable but so was Steve.

    (‘Alive On Arrival’ has mysteriously disappeared from my pile and I am pissed off. I have other formats but I bought that when it came out. If you get to any vinyl sales down there keep an eye out for me. CB is printed across the front cover in big bold black letters)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You graffiti-ed your LPs with marker pen? The wedding is OFF!
      Seriously though folks, there is something honest and authentic about Forbert that I’ve been very much enjoying.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of coarse I did. How the hell am I going to know their mine if I don’t put my name on them Bruce?!
        I’m a big fan from that debut on. Your description is perfect. Fortunate to see him a few times over the years. Nice guy on top of everything else. I’m sure you could get a good interview out of him. Very approachable from what I gather.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s interesting to hear. The thought had crossed my mind. Ordered his memoir yesterday. Do you know it?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. No I don’t but he’s ones of those people that would have some interesting things to say. I will look into that myself. Wonderful world of music. Our range of music, from Fripp to Forbert. I would say the bridge between the two would be pretty short

            Liked by 1 person

            1. LOL.
              The book’s called ‘Big City Cat’.

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            2. Lyric from one of his songs.

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  7. Bruce. I listened to Ian (There’s a take there for sure) and took ‘Alive On Arrival’ for a walk. I have been wanting to do a piece for quite a while on ‘Arrival’. Well after the walk it is time to pull the trigger.Thanks for the nudge.Sometimes music just sounds so good and yesterday on my stroll was one of those times..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great, CB. I was listening to the ‘Geffen years’ cd with those two albums. Bit more country than my usual fare! Anyway, look forward to reading your take of that wonderful debut.
      PS. I believe a copy of ‘Big City Cat’ is winging its way towards Vinyl Connection Headquarters as we speak.


      1. I ate up his first 5/6 but always stay in touch. Let me know how the read is. I would imagine it will be pretty good. Interesting guy who has traveled the world with his music. Big City Cat, the song has a real life experience vibe.

        Liked by 1 person

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