rappin’ flower germs lake man gas safari dawn

Moon Rappin’

Jack McDuff [Blue Note 1970]


Santana [CBS 1977]

Moon Germs

Joe Farrell [CTI 1973]


Klaus Schulze [SPV 2005]

Moon Man

Charles Lloyd [Kapp Records 1970]

Moon Gas

Dick Hyman / Mary Mayo [MGM 1963]

Moon Safari

Air [Source 1998]


Klaus Schulze [Brain 1976]


Eight more moons to savour.

Any favourites here? Curious about any of the albums?



  1. Thought you’d have Camel’s Moonmadness in there.

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    1. A dreadful oversight on my part, Graham. Please accept this small gesture of apology…

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  2. Another great album/band name: Safari Dawn! 🙂 Interesting that Klaus Schulze has two moon offerings here, and Santana has one in each of your moon-themed posts. Love the shot on the Moonflower sleeve…wonder where it was taken…will consult Google.

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    1. I’ve been able to verify that the photographer is Yoshikazu Shirakava, but can’t confirm the location…it’s probably either the Himalayas or the Alps.

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      1. That’s interesting. Sounds like another Japanese connection for Santana. The incredible cover for their/his previous live opus, Lotus, was by a Japanese artist. (link to post)

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    2. Aligned again, JDB. The Moonflower shot is superb.

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  3. Just one to add from my pile: Golden Earring – Moontan

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    1. *** oh hey, and it’s a vertical gatefold. Did we miss this way back when??

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      1. Yes! And Yes! I remember when I bought it, on the basis of ‘Radar Love’. Quite a racy cover for the times.

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  4. I’ve heard the penultimate selection – it’s a good one too!


  5. Isn’t there a Keith Moon one with buttocks on it?

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    1. There is indeed. ‘Both sides of the Moon’. From memory the, er, mooning, is on the inside of the gatefold.
      I’ll let you take it from here.

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  6. 1537 stole my thunder and yes you get to see Moon’s moon unless he was to shy and had a photo double.
    Again i know a few of those but will be checking out a couple others. Does Moon Martin count?

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    1. What a CV entry that would be. ‘I was Mr Keith Moon’s bottom double’.
      Consulted the referee on Moon Martin. If he had a self-titled album, that would be permissible. 😉

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      1. I’m looking for a few minutes of fame. Even if I have to lie and be exposed later as an ass.
        That’s a tough ref. But I will live with the decision so I can play again.

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        1. You’re always welcome around here, CB.

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          1. You re to kind Bruce. I have to bid you goodnight. The sun is up in your town and the “moon” in all it’s fromagey glory is above my hut.

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  7. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Moon Safari. Singularly places me in early ‘00’s, with new wife and new kids coming.

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    1. New star in the sky.


  8. […] an orbit or two behind the album cover art posts Wot Moon? and Moon Wot?, here is the final installment of the satellite […]


  9. Santana’s Moonflower. The art is wonderful. I’d buy that regardless of the quality of the music. How is it, though?

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    1. Hi J. It’s a rather tasty mixture of live and studio material. The hit cover of the Zombies “She’s not there” is fun, but the rest is probably more Santana-ish! Tom Coster’s keyboard work is exemplary throughout.

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