Following the last post (MASK), the flow of suggestions on the theme of masks (or more generally, face coverings) on album covers was rapid and fruitful. (This is what I love about blogging).

Thanks to JDB (How could I have overlooked Pink Floyd?), Victim of the Fury (Sorry about the Trower; Rainbow is brilliantly apposite), Neil (Masque up!), Jodi Campbell (Joker) and Midnight Toker (Blur and TISM). The Vinyl Connection collection also yielded several more items. For those disappointed that Kiss Unmasked failed the cut, I hope Dressed To Kill offers some compensation. Its’ placement here made me smile and I hope it (and indeed, the whole post) does that for others too. Enjoy.

Pink Floyd “Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall Live 1980)” [2000]

Kiss “Dressed to Kill”  [1975]

Go-Gos Beauty and the Beat [1981]

Rainbow “Difficult To Cure”  [1981]

Blur “Think Tank”  [2002]

Steve Miller “The Joker”  [1973]

Quiet Riot “Mental Health” [1983]

Heldon “Interface” [1977]

Daft Punk “Random Access Memories”  [2013]

Gentle Giant “Giant For A Day”  [1978]

Hawkwind “Choose Your Masques”  [1982]

Greenslade “Time and Tide” [1975]

Feature Image: TISM “  [1998]

Wear a mask. Stay safe.


  1. Ahh, it warms my heart to see Kiss here. And even Quiet Riot. They still use that silly mask today.

    That Pink Floyd box set is swell, I have a copy but haven’t put it on my PC yet.

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    1. I may not listen to much metal, Mike, but I do like the cover art (well, some of it!). And the linking of Dressed To Kill with the Go-Gos covers delighted me (I need to get out more).

      PS. Is Kathryn’s CD available still? How get?

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      1. Yes she actually has it out on CD and vinyl, though CD has two bonus tracks. One of which is my favourite song, the title track Masked.

        Here is the link!

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          1. Dude!! Seriously!!


            1. Yep. Boy preparing for Grade 6 Bflat clarinet exam, but his teacher sometimes plays her bass clari to him. Dunno why Kathryn’s slipped by. Perhaps because the initial run was digital only? Anyway, despite my love of vinyl, CD seemed the way to go here. Looking forward to it already!

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            2. Funny story. I emailed her to tell her she just sold a copy in Australia. She said “I know! But how did you know?”

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            3. Communication and Commerce at light speed!

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            4. Yet also 12 hours apart!

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  2. Do facials count? Seems like a grey area….


    1. LOL. More off-white?


  3. Note that the Quiet Riot album is actually called “Metal Health”, not “Mental Health”!

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    1. 1. D’you know, I only detected that missing ‘n’ when I was uploading the images. Even better, eh? 🤣
      2. Remember when we scratched around for Medical covers? How did we miss the Rainbow album?
      3. Is that Blur cover a Banksy, J? I’m wondering about an Art On Your Sleeve?

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      1. Must be honest: I wouldn’t have recognized the Blur cover as a Banksy, but you’re absolutely right. Would love to collab on another Art On Your Sleeve, no matter the artist! (And I’d certainly have to educate myself vis-a-vis the mysterious B…

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  4. Ah, the Go-Go’s. None of my friends would admit to liking them at the time, though we all had serious crushes on Belinda Carlisle. Those damn inconsistencies of youth. Great album covers, Bruce. – Marty

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    1. It is said that I used to become a puddle on the floor at the mere glimpse of Susanna Hoffs. Of course I maintained it was the heating system gone awry.
      Cheers Marty.

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  5. Herbie Hancock has a beauty off the Headhunters. I think it qualifies. If you’re going for the paint, Lou Reed (Blue Mask) and The Kinks (Sleepwalker) and Peter Gabriel (Live). Enough of me.

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    1. LOL. Hey, CB, you wear the Headhunters mask in public and send me the photo. Then I’ll do a Part III.
      Kinks and PG work with the make-up theme. Very nice indeed. A kind of sub-post, right there.
      As for the Lou Reed, you’re pulling my leg again, aren’t you? 🤣

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      1. I wore the Herbie mask out for the first time and people dropped to their knees and started to talking in tongues.
        You know I’m a bit of a “leg puller’ but Lou does have that album and it’s more of a blue shade over his face

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        1. I’m not surprised you attracted instant deification, CB. Do your new followers wave their arms back and forth like VU meters?
          (Yep. Know the Lou album. It’s a blue filter. 🥶 )

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          1. They are making all sorts of offerings to CB. Livestock seems to be the popular one. I think it’s some kind of sign to open up a petting zoo.
            (I meant to say filter but the word just wouldn’t come)

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            1. Love the idea of a petting zoo. The world needs more petting just now. Sign me up, CB.

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            2. You are penciled in for first franchise. We are taking this world wide and getting things back on track. I’m sending the “Mask” down for some recruiting. Tame and cuddly is the idea. Nasty and lots of teeth are off the list. See what you started with your take.

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  6. Glad to see Greenslade made the list – one of my faves for album art. Also love the creepy shots of people wearing the Gentle Giant masks on the cover.
    KANSAS “Masque” a cool cover deserves a nod here.

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    1. Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the 16th C painter who created the original painting, certainly deserves a mention, Earl. It’s called ‘Water’ and was painted in 1566. Arci specialised in making human faces from other objects. Something fishy about that, really.

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