As we inch towards Summer, what could be better than Australian Crawl and a classic Leunig cartoon…

While others seek warmth inside a green house.

Leo Kottke is one of the masters of finger-picking guitar. “Greenhouse” came out in 1972 and while not quite as jaw-dropping as his classic “6 and 12 String Guitar” LP, it is a fine example of how technical skill and lyrical expression can produce glowing acoustic music.

Jazz legend Herbie Hancock’s 1965 album on Blue Note is superb. Produced by Rudy van Gelder and featuring Anthony Williams (drums) and Ron Carter (bass), it also includes Freddie Hubbard on trumpet.

If you were wondering, I did pick a series of LPs that complimented the little wooden chair.

Joni’s first studio album of the 80s.

Such a good-time album from Joe Walsh. Remember “Rocky Mountain Way”?

The Modern Jazz Quartet recorded two albums for The Beatles Apple label in the late 1960s.

This is the second, “Space” (1969). It is an original UK pressing that somehow found its way to a suburban Melbourne record shop where it sat around, ignored and unloved, until the mid-70s, at which point a young sales assistant decided to take a punt on it.


Comments on the covers, the music, or the chair are all welcome.


  1. I wish you’d move all that junk Bruce so I could see the chair properly. What kind of bloody amateurish chair blog is this?!

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    1. I really am most dreadfully sorry. Please accept this image as a compensation for any inconvenience.

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      1. Very Van Gogh Bruce. Nice to see it displayed properly.

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      2. Isn’t the Joe walsh a cracker by the way.

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        1. Sure is. He was a good time fella.

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  2. Love the photos! That MJQ made me drool.

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    1. Cheers Aaron. It’s not super valuable, but there’s something about the Modern Jazz Quartet on the Apple label that just makes me smile.


      1. I get that feel, I really do. 🙂

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  3. That’s fine for the front of the chair but how is it on all sides. I am learning to like that Joni.

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  4. I want a couple of those.

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    1. Which ones? 🤔


      1. Ill take an order of Leo (I love ‘Louise’ off that album. Im a fan of his vocals too). Side order of Herbie and MJQ . I have the Herbie CD but vinyl would be cool. The only LP I have of those is Joe’s

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        1. I like his voice too. Kottke was always very self-deprecating about his singing, but I like his modest baritone.

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          1. Yes, his cool easy vocals accompany his playing nicely and my ear likes it. More of that common ground we find.

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