Terminal Buzz [Cover Art #7]

Spectrum “Part One” [1971]

Spectrum “Miles Ago” [1971]

The Indelible Murtceps “Warts Up Your Nose” [1973]

Spectrum / Indelible Murtceps “Testimonial” [1973]

Spectrum / Indelible Murtceps “Terminal Buzz” [1973]

From The Age, Thursday August 8, 2013, Melbourne

“Bill Putt, a founding member of 1970s progressive rock group Spectrum, has died from a heart attack”

Goodnight Bill.

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  1. Do murtceps come in other varieties ?


  2. Are indelible ones the only brand of Murtceps available?


    1. First they were Incredible, then Indubitable. Flirted briefly with Inedible before deciding to leave their mark Indelibly. So now you know.
      (Actually, they were a sort of transitional state between the progressive Spectrum and the (slightly) more commercial Ariel (of whom more soon).


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  5. […] W.H.Y. was a short-lived side-project of Aussie music legend Mike Rudd (Spectrum, Ariel) […]


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