So here is the Vinyl Connection New Year’s Resolution: To post a weekly diary of all – I mean all – new music arrivals at Base Camp Connection. The good, the bad (as in “that’s really, bad, man”) and the ugly. It’s been tried before and lasted two posts, there has been a holiday edition, even an interstate adventure, but never a commitment to regular ‘in-coming’ updates.

Where time and reason allow, perhaps a brief comment will be added illuminating (or not) the whys and wherefores of individual purchases.

Ladbrokes have opened a book on how long this risky plan of self-disclosure will last. Possible deal-breakers include:

  • Buying something just too embarrassing to post;
  • A threat of legal action (for unreasonable cruelty) from Ms Connection;
  • The sound of those nice young men in their clean white coats come to take me away.

Hm. Upon reflection, this is possibly the most ridiculous resolution ever committed to paper (well, virtual paper). But as I’ve taken the photos for the 2015 acquisitions already, we may as well get started.

Van Morrison

Though I quite like Van’s first dozen or so albums, I’ve never been a true believer in Astral Weeks. Sure, it’s nice and has some gorgeous acoustic bass playing, but does it deserve the breathless worship so often associated with it? Anyway, this is a deleted copy (see the hole top right) of an 80s re-issue. Given that the CD does not get many spins, this’ll do.

Steeleye Span

The UK folk-rock pioneers second album from 1971. An addition to the CD, this pressing on an obscure US label. Vinyl looks unplayed, but shows some manufacturing pock-marks that may mean unwanted percussion elements. I have to be in the mood for folk, and that hasn’t been happening a lot lately so this will sit on the ‘unplayed’ shelf with quite a few roots-music colleagues.

Pretenders II

It’s fair to say that Ms Connection is more of a Pretenders fan than me. So I pretend that I bought this with her in mind, despite the fact that she doesn’t play records. (There’s a story there, but I’m not sure I want to tell it. It would advance the white-coated orderlies to within tackling distance).

Police - regatta

Plugging a vinyl gap with something of a guilty pleasure.

Split Enz - See Ya Round

Went to the Camberwell Market last Sunday. It’s huge and there are at least eight stall selling records, mostly at ridiculous prices only and idiot would pay. Think I’m kidding? Try The Wall for $68 in average condition. Or $50 for a beaten up copy of Led Zeppelin IV. This – the last Split Enz album from 1984 – was a bargain at $5.

Fairport Convention Liege Leaf

Despite having this on CD and purchasing a nice re-issue from Quality Records sometime last year (it featured, coyly, in the ‘It’s in the bag’ quiz), when I was in that same emporium on Sunday I sprang for this slightly discoloured non-gatefold Australian pressing. Why? No idea. But at least I like the album…

Ekseption - Best of

Peddling rocked-up versions of ‘classic’ compositions, Dutch band Ekseption were treading similar turf to The Nice, only without the energy and invention. I recall buying a CD collection of the band some years ago and finding it so tedious it ended up in the Record Fair boxes. So why did I buy this vinyl ‘best of’? No idea, but the answer probably leads us towards the reason for this being the only edition of the purchase diary.

Oh, before I go. I do occasionally acquire CDs too. And sometimes music that isn’t rock, alt rock, progressive, jazz, fusion or electronic. I like the idea of actively expanding my musical vocabulary (or perhaps that should be literacy) and have recently been enjoying some 20th century western art music. This example was two bucks in an Op Shop. Bargain culture!

Copeland, Aaron


  1. Nutter.


    1. Sadly, few would disagree.


  2. Bonne chance with the resolution – and nothing wrong with a bit of Police in my books!


    1. Don’t cruise the broad highway that much but it’s relaxing now and then! 😉


  3. What a mammoth task you’re taking on – very brave! Good to see so many acquistions in just the first week


    1. With any major journey it is important to get off to a good start, isn’t it? I’m setting a kind of cautionary tale example (maybe).
      PS. Hope you’re settling in. Wanna be honorary Vinyl Hunter Gatherer in Newcastle?


  4. Nice haul! The Pretenders album is worth adding for Martin Chambers’ sideburns alone. And you, of course, will not be surprised by my deep nod of approval at seeing the Copland addition. I wonder if I’m the only one who saw the title of this post and thought, “VC’s posting about Michael Jackson!” Also, I like the new bright pink header!


    1. They are indeed magnificent sideburns!
      Listened to Mr Copland this afternoon. Enjoyed the clarinet concerto particularly. I have a recording with Benny Goodman (who commissioned it, I believe) but I don’t think a comparative post is any imminent threat.
      Glad you enjoyed the header. It’s one of a series (of course).


  5. Astral Weeks is a pretty nice one to have – even if it doesn’t get too many spins. And that Pretenders cover is sensational!


    1. True enough on both counts, J!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This is why I keep all personal goals and resolutions to myself…

    I really like The Pretenders, or at least the first three. For my money, the debut Pretenders is a stone cold killer classic. Ms Connection clearly has wonderful taste… in music.

    A couple years back I read Chrissie Hynde’s autobio, which ends roughly with the deaths of Honeyman-Scott and Farndon after the above album. For what it is worth, I found it a very engaging and informative read. I enjoyed her descriptions of growing up in middle America in the 60s and then spending a good chunk of the 70s in punk circles in London. And bonus, I had no idea she wrote record reviews for NME in the mid 70s!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The fact that Ms Hynde has kept her career alive for so long says heaps about her stamina (and probably tenacity too). Can well imagine her autobiography would be a good read.

      Thank you for visiting my back pages.


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