pregnant teens

Barclay James Harvest s/t

V/A In the beginning

MatthewSweet_100 fun

James Taylor Apple 1969

James Taylor 1986

james taylor 2015The Cure - Singles



Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens [2006]

Barclay James Harvest – Baby James Harvest [1972]

Various Artists – In the Beginning [1985]

Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun [1995]

James Taylor – James Taylor [1968]

James Taylor – Live in Germany [1986]

James Taylor – Before this World [2015]

The Cure – Standing on a Beach: The Singles [1986]

The Stranglers – Hits and Heroes [1999]


The idea for this attempt at whimsy had been floating around for a while, gathering momentum when I bought albums #2 and #5 recently. No implications regarding the health of Mr Taylor should be inferred from the post. Of course he will eventually end up in some version of the state portrayed in album #9 – hopefully sans rodents – but then, so will we all.  In the meantime, Vinyl Connection hopes and trusts he maintains robust health and that the new album does well.



  1. […] album sleeve, having been searching not-very-hard for a decent baby cover to use in a long-planned Birth to Death album cover project. The project realised, I thought I’d better give the LP a spin. Sadly I […]


  2. Very nice idea, Bruce. Given I’m a big fan of good country music, I have a fair few LPs with old dudes on the cover. Not a lot of young folks …

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    1. Thanks J. The Cure was the oldest male face I could find. Should have consulted you and your aged Country collection!

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      1. I can’t say there are many, if any, older than that fella!

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  3. May I?

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    1. Well done Mr 1537 for extending the meme beyond the grave.
      Also for giving us hope that we’ll return as HP Lovecraft-loving Eddies.

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      1. As a metal fan every third LP in my collection has an undead creature on the cover, so this wasn’t too much of a jump.

        Wait, so are you saying James Taylor has now risen from his grave?

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        1. Only his career.

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  4. I love it! More, please….

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    1. There are a couple more cover posts in the pipeline, JDB. One on cars, if my Welsh mate gets his camera clicking. Any other suggestions for themes? I mean, now that we’ve covered the entire human life cycle!

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      1. Ooh, lots of possibilities: the four seasons, the months of the year, days of the week, flora, fauna, signs of the zodiac….?!?

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        1. A foresee a big record buying program looming…


  5. Neat post Bruce – delighted to see the Cure in the penultimate spot in the timeline!

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    1. Thanks Geoff. Better ‘just alive’ than the alternative, eh?


    1. Thanks. Oddly, the pregnancy cover was the trickiest to source.


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