pregnant teens

Barclay James Harvest s/t

V/A In the beginning

MatthewSweet_100 fun

James Taylor Apple 1969

James Taylor 1986

james taylor 2015The Cure - Singles



Some Girls – Heaven’s Pregnant Teens [2006]

Barclay James Harvest – Baby James Harvest [1972]

Various Artists – In the Beginning [1985]

Matthew Sweet – 100% Fun [1995]

James Taylor – James Taylor [1968]

James Taylor – Live in Germany [1986]

James Taylor – Before this World [2015]

The Cure – Standing on a Beach: The Singles [1986]

The Stranglers – Hits and Heroes [1999]


The idea for this attempt at whimsy had been floating around for a while, gathering momentum when I bought albums #2 and #5 recently. No implications regarding the health of Mr Taylor should be inferred from the post. Of course he will eventually end up in some version of the state portrayed in album #9 – hopefully sans rodents – but then, so will we all.  In the meantime, Vinyl Connection hopes and trusts he maintains robust health and that the new album does well.



    1. Thanks. Oddly, the pregnancy cover was the trickiest to source.


  1. Neat post Bruce – delighted to see the Cure in the penultimate spot in the timeline!

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    1. Thanks Geoff. Better ‘just alive’ than the alternative, eh?


  2. I love it! More, please….

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    1. There are a couple more cover posts in the pipeline, JDB. One on cars, if my Welsh mate gets his camera clicking. Any other suggestions for themes? I mean, now that we’ve covered the entire human life cycle!

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      1. Ooh, lots of possibilities: the four seasons, the months of the year, days of the week, flora, fauna, signs of the zodiac….?!?

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        1. A foresee a big record buying program looming…


  3. May I?

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    1. Well done Mr 1537 for extending the meme beyond the grave.
      Also for giving us hope that we’ll return as HP Lovecraft-loving Eddies.

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      1. As a metal fan every third LP in my collection has an undead creature on the cover, so this wasn’t too much of a jump.

        Wait, so are you saying James Taylor has now risen from his grave?

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        1. Only his career.

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  4. Very nice idea, Bruce. Given I’m a big fan of good country music, I have a fair few LPs with old dudes on the cover. Not a lot of young folks …

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    1. Thanks J. The Cure was the oldest male face I could find. Should have consulted you and your aged Country collection!

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      1. I can’t say there are many, if any, older than that fella!

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  5. […] album sleeve, having been searching not-very-hard for a decent baby cover to use in a long-planned Birth to Death album cover project. The project realised, I thought I’d better give the LP a spin. Sadly I […]


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