In the grand Vinyl Connection tradition of beating an idea to death, we present part two of the album-covers-adorned-with-hands series (Part One is here). Again, these were chosen for variety but hopefully with a pleasing flow and some sort of unity of vision. Like the seemingly endless ‘Car’ cover posts, this one could also go on and on. But it won’t. At least for now.


Gentle Giant Free Hand

kiss elder



Panjabi mc

Genesis Invisible

Passport Handmade








Gentle Giant – Free Hand  [Chrysalis 1975]

Kiss – Music from The Elder  [Casablanca 1981]

Scorions – Lonesome Crow  [Brain 1972]

Panjabi MC – The Album  [Dharma 2003]

Genesis – Invisible Touch  [Atlantic 1986]

Passport – Hand Made  [Atlantic 1973]

J Geils Band – Sanctuary  [EMI 1978]

Jerry Garcia – All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions  [Rhino 2004]

Todd Rundgren – Nearly Human  [Warner Bros 1989]

David van Tieghem – Safety in Numbers  [Private Music 1987]

Chemical Brothers – We are the Night  [Virgin 2007]



Mike Ladano for Kiss

HMO for Horslips (which didn’t make the cut so he gets Scorpions instead)

Boppinsblog for Genesis

Poppaculture for Todd Rundgren

1537 for the challenge of finding a Feature Image as disturbing as the previous one.

JDB for medical support – enough material for a conference, J?

Apols to Victim…

I love the Trower/Bruce cover but it didn’t quite fit with the vision here. Yes, I know I’m a pretentious berk.



  1. Thank you for the shout-out!

    I could swear that Stone Temple Pilots have an album cover very similar to that Panjabi MC…

    Hope to see your Top 15 tomorrow!

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    1. Yeah, you’re right Mike. Stone Temple Pilots 2010 self-titled album. There’s always another cover…
      But perhaps this is enough for now!

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    2. I thought the very same. Quickly scrolled down to comment … but alas, I was too late.

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      1. Gotta get up earlier, J! 😉

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  2. I especially like the Arachnoid cover.

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    1. Creepy, isn’t it?

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  3. There is something definitely unsettling about all this.

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    1. Isn’t there just?
      (sound of sinister giggles, off)


  4. Your site, your theme, your artistic vision – no need for “apples.” And just for (my) fun, here’s another one that I found in my holdings that doesn’t fit the flow:

    Robin Trower: Back It Up

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    1. You know, Victim, I did flirt with the idea of further ‘hands’ covers, this time on instruments (not an altogether silly idea for a record sleeve, eh?) but it seemed somehow a bit predictable after some of the unsettling hand jobs we’ve had here.
      But if it happens, ‘Back it up’ would be a contender, for sure.


      1. Just so you know, unrealistic as it may be, I secretly hope to be able to suggest a Trower cover for any and all future themed covers posts. (I’m pining for you to do the “burgers/sandwiches” edition you once mentioned in response to “Just Another Band From L.A.” Man, I’ve got just the ticket for that one…)

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        1. No way would I want to quash that hope. The album is BLT, I believe. Am wondering about a ‘junk food’ cover post? I think there is a Bob James with hot dog. That’s three…


  5. Free Hand and Arachnoid are splendidly creepy. Sinister Addams Family stuff going on there …

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  6. Those covers are very handsome. I bet doing this post was a real handful.

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    1. Some albums were hand-me-downs, some second-hand…

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      1. I have to give you a hand for getting the upper hand on your fellow bloggers. You liked the comment I gave in a split second.
        The fastest hands in the west.

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  7. Arggh That Cobham/George Duke Band freaks me the hell out!

    Funnily enough, despite all the rock here The Chemical Brothers one is the only one I own.

    I want breasts next, or torsos, if you have to be all mature about it!

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    1. Excellent. ‘Arggh’ was the response we were looking for.
      Might leave the torsos to you, Joe. ‘Though a series on naughty bits is an enticing prospect…

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  8. That is the breast idea I have heard all day. Please keep me abreast of the situation.

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  9. I’ll keep this list handy for my next trip to the record store.

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    1. Stop, stop! I’ll hand over my wallet!


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  11. […] detailed articles – https://vinylconnection.com.au/2015/09/01/10-handy-album-covers/ and https://vinylconnection.com.au/2015/09/15/12-more-handy-album-covers/ with the second collection containing what is my favorite example, that being the cover of Jerry […]

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  12. All I can think of is that strange B list horror movie “Idle Hands” where a man’s right hand becomes possessed and runs around (on it’s own) killing everyone…..at least you’ve situated Panjabi MC’s hamsa cover in the middle for protection!!!

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  14. […] The other hands are in the sequel post, here. […]


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