Although UK musician David Kubinec has had a long career spanning a huge period of time*, I’m not really familiar with his work and only purchased this 1978 LP because I’d rarely encountered coloured vinyl in the seventies. Although Kubinec is a keyboard player, it is the guitarists who stand out on this album: Ollie Halsall and Chris Spedding. John Cale also guests. The result, however, is pleasant but not memorable. Lovely blood-red vinyl though.

* During the writing, I discovered that Kubinec was briefly part of progressive outfit Mainhorse Airline with young Patrick Moraz. Prog factoid!

In contrast to Kubinec’s LP, this re-issue of Alice Cooper’s 1969 debut came out for Rhino’s Rocktober event in 2017. More an artefact than musically important, the cover was way more controversial than the music. Patchy sound quality doesn’t help the songs, whose awkward psychedelic-tinged rock lacks direction. Alice did, of course, find his compass, releasing albums three and four—Killer and Love It To Death—in 1971. Goodbye pretties, hello schlock horror rock theatre.

Greek band Purple Overdose were formed in Athens in 1987 by lead guitarist and vocalist Costas Constantinou. As the name suggests, they were committed to psychedelic sixties-style ideas both culturally and musically. This album, Gemin-‘eye’, came out in 2012 and constitutes their ‘last recordings’. The package is wonderful but unfortunately the band broke up before they transformed these demos into something finished. Instrumentally, the music is delightful but sadly the vocals are, and VC readers will know this gives me no pleasure to report, simply horrendous. Out of tune, poorly phrased, not within cooee of ‘guide vocal’ standard, it’s astounding they didn’t get someone—anyone!—in to re-record those parts. What could have been a pleasant swan song might then have been more a silk purse than the porcine organ of hearing we have here. Still, lovely vinyl and great album art.

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  1. Lovely looking selection.
    “I see red and orange and purple
    Yellow and blue and green” in my future.

    (Pharoah Sanders, Colors)

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    1. You and Mr Sanders may well be onto something, DD. 🙂


  2. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    Killer concept Bruce!

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    1. Thanks Bill. Just wish I was a better photographer!

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      1. pinklightsabre · · Reply

        You’re doing just fine.

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  3. Bruce paints the town red. Does the colored vinyl seem to be softer than black? A random question, but “carbon black” was added to tires partly to make them last longer, so I imagined it must do the same for records. These records are beauties, really tasty cherry-cough-drop-red.

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    1. It seems softer than black, Robert, but harder than clear vinyl, which always looks to me like it might be unpeeled by the stylus.

      Keep those colour metaphors coming!

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  4. I’m laughing at Robert’s “Bruce paints the town red” comment. But he’s right! Great selection here and a cool theme. Love the Mainhorse Airline fact too. I continue the mourn the loss of my pink vinyl “Frampton Comes Alive,” purchased at some point in the early eighties. Great post! – Marty

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    1. “Frampton Comes in Pink” sounds like as fine artefact, Marty.

      I have a late 70s Tomita LP that is creamy pink. It always puzzled me that an album with the sinister title “Bermuda Triangle” would go for such a colour.

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  5. Red and colorful indeed! 🙂

    The only colored copies I have in my tiny vinyl connection are a pink-colored Elvis Presley Greatest Hits (and I mean screaming pink! 🙂 ), as well as Gregg Allman’s final album “Southern Blood”, which is kind of an undefinable brownish color – as if it had been dragged through the black muddy river he sings about on one of his tunes!

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    1. Yeah, with those murky brown or dark grey tints, you kind of wonder, ‘Why did they bother?’. Perhaps you are on to something, Christian: they are reflecting something of the mood, perhaps.

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  7. Love this! (And love Robert’s ‘cherry cough drop red’ metaphor). Looking forward to the rest of ROYGBIV…

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  8. Ohhhh the precious…

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    1. We loves it, precious.

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  9. I remember that old Cooper album.

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    1. He was still feeling his way, wasn’t he?

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  10. Chris Spedding certainly got around. Never heard of the Kubinec music.

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    1. Would not necessarily be urging a major exploration, CB. There’s a reason we’re not familiar with his music.

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