The collected rainbow vinyl posts. Because it’s pretty.




The feature image is, naturally enough, what you get when a rainbow is de-prismed.

The white knights were:



  1. Beautiful sir!!

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  2. Really beautiful result. Congrats! Also a painful reminder that in all my Warhol cover obsessiveness, I have never bought the Velvet Underground MCMCXIII 4LP’s. It’s gonna cost me…

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    1. Is there an emoji for jaw-dropping surprise? And one for embarrassment too? I’d never connected the blue 1993 cover with AW because it was after his death. So did the artist actually make this variant, Guy?

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      1. No he did not. But of course his banana, forever linked to the VU, was re-used and pimped to silver. That’s how far the obsession takes me, I’m afraid… Did buy the cd’s, but missed the vinyl version. I do, on the other hand, have in my collection a Japanese 12″ laserdisk of the concert – that I can not play – that has exactly the same cover art. Maybe that’s close enough, I will check.

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        1. 2014, this coloured vinyl reissue. There seem to be a few out there.


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          1. Thanks, Bruce! I see coffee & vinyl has a mint copy. That shop is a 5 minutes walk from home. Will soon be mine!

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  3. pinklightsabre · · Reply

    So pretty. It reminds me of the James Bond paperbacks I collected as a kid, just lovely to gaze upon the alternating, complementary colors and think…gosh, I consumed all that! Thanks for this splendid journey Bruce, really something.

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    1. A pleasure Bill. Thanks for buying a ticket!

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  4. Luxury.
    Enough said.

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    1. Precisely (though not exactly!)

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  5. Next up, clear – marbled – splatter – miscellaneous.

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    1. No! No! (Runs sobbing from room to hide his head in the V for Various section)


      1. LOL this is upposed to be fun!

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  6. Gorgeous.

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